KuCoin — only worthwhile if you fit their “mold”

What I mean by the title is, basically if everything works then things will probably go pretty smoothly for you.   But if you encounter issues with ID verification, failed card transactions, or if you accidentally connect using a VPN even once… you might as well call it a day with KuCoin.

I have joined several other platforms and had no issues getting verified and getting things going quickly.. Not the case here. The primary problem, I believe, is that their primary language is not English. Worse, they make little-to-no effort to ensure the translations are accurate. They have purposely ambiguously worded the promotion details so it is confusing to newcomers. I offered them a better translation that included the correct wording, but they did not even acknowledge that I sent it. I only joined because my cousin referred me. They did NOT honor the bonus as outlined in their promotion terms. In trying to open a dialog about this, they just send the same canned response every tIme. Getting verified has been a complete and utter joke. I took several professional DSLR photos that were super crisp. Waited 2 weeks after submission and received a response that I failed to specify what kind of ID card it was. (I know it can be confusing to figure out that something labeled Driver License is a drivers license). So I specified the type of ID (again) and submitted. Mind you, that’s the only thing they let me add was the Id type. So after 2 more weeks, I get another message that says “Don’t use symbols in the name”. What??! Like most people, I only have alphabetical letters in my name. Why would I have submitted anything else? Maybe my password management was having a bad day. Okay, resubmit, typed my first name. I’ll try to act surprised when it comes back in 2 more weeks and says “last name cannot contain Hieroglyphics”.

I submitted a ticket telling them I couldn’t access the trading bot to view or modify my active bots….4 days ago. Still unable to access. This is on a 2021 iPad Pro.

If you value your time, and your sanity, then steer way clear.

They are happy to take your money but they continue to have poorly translated rules and terms (I originally noted this issue 2 years ago!).   I even set up a new account, using my phone number only and attempted to make a deposit after verifying my ID.   Still won’t accept any deposit using any personal debit card that I have.   These debit cards work fine with other platforms.   I understand that it works out much better for them if they crank up the security to maximum, as they’re very unlikely to have any disputes etc.    However, if they’re not going to have knowledgable support on-hand to assist when the transactions fail, then what’s the point?  

KuCoin seems like a great platform, and worthy of the extra efforts to get an account into a functional state.    But, with the issues related to support when it comes to anything going wrong, they are among the worst that I’ve ever encountered.   That being said, I don’t know that I would be very comfortable having any significant amount of cryptocurrency stored here.   It’s altogether too difficult to get any assistance if there’s a problem.

If you have had a similar experience, but you like the KuCoin platform for some of the other features, then all that I can suggest is that you use another exchange for purchasing the currency first.   Then, transfer only what you need to use within KuCoin.   Transfer back out as soon as the currency becomes dormant again.

TL;DR  KuCoin seems to be primarily about what’s convenient to them.  To build a money-making machine with least amount of complication, they simply block anyone with even the slightest hint of causing them trouble.   While this is prudent, they should have procedures to then “whitelist” the false threat detection.

I’ll post another review or two about other viable platforms once I’ve spent more time with them. 

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