Intelius people search much less useful now.

For anyone who has used, is using, or considering using the service Intelius — just be forewarned that it appears they now redact all actual birth dates when doing a search for a person.    Not because they don’t have the data, they do.   This is how they are able to collate it all together.    But they are beginning their own demise by redacting information when it is supposed to be an information resource.    This is so counterintuitive that it just begs for another company to take the lead and begin doing things right.

Whatever the reason, the information is available elsewhere and is of public record in the majority of cases.    I don’t believe I’ll be paying a monthly fee (esp. considering it can be $25+/month now) for redacted information.    I’ll seek out another service.

Any suggestions for a better service to use please fee free to leave a comment!


Forcing users to use a specific Authenticator app?

How disappointing it is every time I see a web site that’s intended for use by otherwise intelligent adults, yet they want to force users to use a specific authenticator app.    The latest one I’ve encountered is Authy on BigCommerce.    I guess we aren’t intelligent enough to scan the QR code or copy the source.


Oh, and they offer the ability to enable this forceful authentication in your own store!   How thoughtful.