UniFi Network Server self-hosting; first signs of demise

I just noticed today, while reading the specifications on the UXG-Lite (seemingly touted as a successor to the USG)

First, they’ve remove the programmable second port that could be assigned to WAN2, for failover.   This was in the previous compact USG device, but now we’re left with the only option of buying a device at least 6 times the size to accomplish the same task.

That aside, the reason for my post is because of a few asterisks I noticed in the specifications.

The primary heading reads:

Managed with a CloudKey, Official UniFi Hosting, or UniFi Network Server
Official UniFi Hosting, From $29.00 /month (Subscription)

Scroll down, and in the “Gateway Features” section, there’s a subsection named “Advanced networking” that reads:

License-free SD-WAN*
WireGuard, L2TP and OpenVPN server
OpenVPN client
OpenVPN and IPsec site-to-site VPN
One-click Teleport* and Identity Enterprise VPN**
Policy-based WAN and VPN routing
DHCP relay
Customizable DHCP server
IPv6 ISP support
*When paired with a Cloud Key or Official UniFi Hosting.

**When paired with a Cloud Key.

This seems to suggest that they are integrating special features into the “Official UniFi Hosting” and they’re not running the same product that they provide for download to the public.  So, they’re not offering just the hosting, but in essence a different product altogether.

What this points to seems to be the next steps in quietly muscling out the self-hosted option and forcing the Ubiquiti-controlled products only.   For those that want to continue to self-manage, it looks like more and more features will likely be removed in an effort to push you to buy in to their system.

This, coupled with the new “UI Care” product, has me worrying that the quality is soon to be going downhill.   I hope I’m wrong, as I’ve enjoyed using and installing their products over the years.



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